Quite literally ante meridiem is the time before noon, the a and m that follow the numbers on digital clocks. It’s the early part of the day that’s full of beauty and possibility.

Inspired by this, ANTE:MERIDIEM creates clean and fresh design solutions for marketing and advertising – bare ideas distilled down to their cores. As the sole proprietor of this creative practice, it's also the pseudonym of Andrew Mowbray – award winning creative director and designer based in Toronto, Ontario.

Specializing in the creative direction and design for advertising and digital experiences, Andrew’s background and education extend far from OLAs and social media strategy into ambient one-offs, branding and integrated cross-media campaigns. Since honing his design and digital media skills in McMaster University’s Multimedia program, Andrew has spent over 8 years in Toronto agencies and a decade of professional design experience finding his strength in concept development and design finesse.

Need a snapshot of all this? Download the 2017 Resumé.