TD Defy the Numbers

The typical “Retirement Ad” sells a singular dream – usually silver-haired sunset lit beachgoers – but instead DEFY THE NUMBERS focused on helping younger people identify and overcome “numbers” that could stand in their way.

Won't you be my neighbour

Won't you be my neighbour

We used a bunch of different statistics in our ads that grabbed attention and targeted region, life stage, audience-type – clearly setting up the problem which TD products and offers could help solve. To match the targeted localized statistics, we crafted photography that subtly represented the people, architecture and natural features of those areas.

A version from Toronto shown above, and one from Vancouver below.

3 Clients. 3 Offerings. 1 Campaign.

3 Clients. 3 Offerings. 1 Campaign.

For the Personal Savings and Investing Line of Business, we invoked the behaviour of starting or continuing your investment journey through one or more of the bank’s more ‘common’ investment products (focus on RSPs, Mutual Funds and TFSAs) by acknowledging and celebrating our audience’s individual needs.

For the Direct investing Line of Business, we invoked the behaviour of signing up online, or, if you already had an account, making more trades through the feeling of empowerment with our Direct Investing tools.

For the Financial Planning Line of Business, we invoked the behaviour of booking an appointment with a Financial Planner through the feeling of confidence with a focus on our brand’s well-known performance in this space.

Results You Can Bank On

Results You Can Bank On

One of the best things about having a banking client is their diligent commitment to tracking results – and the results were impressive.

In one line-of-business, product adoption lifted 34%. Overall, digital account openings lifted 13% year over year. And in a post-campaign study conducted by a third party, our campaign led the competition in consideration and website traffic-driving. A difficult task in the time of year with the heaviest competition.