Campbell's Food Mood app

Creative direction and app design for the Campbell's Hack the Kitchen winner: Food Mood (a.k.a. Plate of Mind).

A colourful loading animation to welcome the user and set the tone of the experience.

The core of the experience was selecting your Mood. Icons were created to encapsulate our options.

Detail view of an example recipe.

Campbell's Food Mood app


The winning submission for Hack The Kitchen was an idea called Food Mood. It was a rough prototype of an app that leveraged the Campbell's Kitchen API to match meal suggestions with what you happened to be feeling at the time. You select a mood, you get a short list of meals that match it - a very simple mechanism that with a little bit of research and tagging could easily be pulled off. 

So with this great idea, my team and I at Proximity were briefed in to make it look fantastic and to build on the initial functional concept. I developed subtle Campbell's branding cues, a fun visual style, mood iconography, and kitchen-proof functionality. To that end, included here is the creative direction which was provided while the app was still called Food Mood.

Once I departed Proximity, further client, design and development decisions were made to eventually launch as Plate of Mind - available now in the App Store and on Google Play.

CLIENT » Campbell Soup
DATE » January 2013